Top Dive Sites of the Caribbean


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Top Dive Sites of the Caribbean explores the superb marine habitats, islands and reefs of one of the world’s most fascinating diving destinations. Combined with the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean is the fifth largest expanse of water in the world and the fourth deepest. It is home to hundreds of species of fish, sponges, crustaceans and corals, many of which are found nowhere else. This magnificently illustrated book describes over 100 dive sites scattered around the most popular dive resorts in the area. Information is provided on the best times to go, where to stay, and where dive centres are located. Informative text highlights the top dives in the Caribbean, and offers an insight into the multitude of creatures that live there. With such a multitude of sites available, the dives included are chosen for their outstanding interest.

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Lawson Wood





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Jul 2007


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