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Now fully updated and revised 2nd Edition. Deco for Divers provides a comprehensive overview of the principles underlying decompression theory and physiology. Mark Powell has written a book that for the first time allows the average diver to fully understand the principles behind this fascinating and critical aspect of diving. As well as a thorough examination of air decompression the book also addresses decompression using nitrox and mixed gases. It is completely up-to-date and includes information on the latest developments including deep stops and advanced bubble models. Deco for Divers bridges the gap between introductory books and specialist scientific journals and is suitable for new as well as highly experienced divers.

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Mark Powell





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December 2016


Edition 2



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  1. Peter B. Bennett, Ph.D., D.Sc. Executive Director, UHMS. Emeritus Professor of Anesthesiology, Duke University Medical Center. Founder & 1st President, DAN

    This is a truly remarkable book which covers all the various theories of decompression and ascents for divers in a most readable and understanding manner. There is no other comprehensive book on decompression to my knowledge which is so easy to read and understand by the average recreational or technical diver.

  2. Dr Richard Vann Assistant Research Professor in Anesthesiology, Safety Officer and Director of Applied Research at the Duke Hyperbaric Center, and Vice President for Research at DAN.

    This is the most comprehensive and well-written text I’ve seen that attempts to explain decompression theory to divers.

  3. Michael R. Powell, MS, PhD. NASA (retired), Medical Sciences Division, Johnson Space Center, Texas

    This book is a “must read” for those who have ever wondered about decompression tables and how they are created. It is a straight forward book and devoid of technical jargon. It starts with the scientific giants who developed the physics of the gas laws and the physiology of diving and ends with M-values and tissue bubbles. For the curious diver – and all divers should be – it will be money well spent!

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