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DCIEM Diving Manual

The DCIEM Manual first published in 1992 contains decompression tables for air and enriched air (Nitrox). Air decompression tables were developed in the 1980’s for Canadian Forces operational use, these tables have also been adopted by foreign navies, commercial diving companies and other civilian organizations. The Sport Diving Tables were a result of the original air diving tables adapted for use by recreational divers and have had a wide acceptance by the sport diving community. In addition to air tables full Nitrox Tables are also included.

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  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Technical Diving - An Introduction (£29.99)
    reviewed by Bhushan Mudbhary

    This the second book I have read in the “technical” aspects of recreational diving, and both were by Mark Powell. The first, Decompression Theory for Divers and now the second Technical Diving. As a TDI certified but still **newbie** technical diver, I was very curious how Mark would approach the subject, and if he approached it anything like Deco for Divers, then I expected that it would be a logically laid out, comprehensive and very informative. I was right. Mark takes the same thorough approach and provides the reader a firm foundation of knowledge regarding technical diving. As with his book on deco, this book too, is in my opinion far and away a better reference book than any training manuals out there. This book as with the Deco book, is a great book to have around in one’s dive library for any diver that is seriously into his or her hobby.

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  • Technical Diving - An Introduction (£29.99)
    reviewed by AquaPress

    From the Foreword by Michael Menduno - Taken as a whole, Powell’s “Technical Diving” provides recreational divers wanting to know more, with a working understanding of technical diving, and what is required in terms of equipment, attitude, knowledge and skills to make the transition. The author has distilled his considerable depth of knowledge and experience into a highly readable and easy to understand opus that represents the latest thinking in the evolving field of technical diving.

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