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Front Cover ofThe First Treasure Divers

  The First Treasure Divers
The recorded history of the diving industry has been fundamentally corrupted over the past 150 years. The result is a complete misunderstanding of how...more

Our Price: 12.99

Buy The First Treasure Divers

Front Cover ofA Simple Guide to Decompression Illness 3rd Ed

  A Simple Guide to Decompression Illness 3rd Ed
This book enables divers to have a thorough understanding of some of the medical problems and illnesses associated with diving. After reading this bo...more

Our Price: 12.99

Buy A Simple Guide to Decompression Illness 3rd Ed

Front Cover ofShark! - True Stories and Lessons from the Deep

  Shark! - True Stories and Lessons from the Deep
Dramatic real-life experiences and practical information about sharks and the sea from the bestselling author of Jaws. Advice on diving and swimmin...more

Our Price: 7.99

Buy Shark! - True Stories and Lessons from the Deep

Front Cover ofWreck Rescue & Salvage

  Wreck Rescue & Salvage
After joining the Australian Merchant Navy at the age of sixteen, Dick Jolly trained as an engineer before joining the Australian National Line as a c...more

Our Price: 16.99

Buy Wreck Rescue & Salvage

Front Cover ofDeeper into Diving 2nd Edition

  Deeper into Diving 2nd Edition
This title is currently re-printing with no supply date. We recommend looking at other decompression titles featured below. Deeper Into Diving is ...more

Our Price: 49.99

Buy Deeper into Diving 2nd Edition

Front Cover ofMarine Fish & Invertebrates

  Marine Fish & Invertebrates
The ultimate reference guide to the sea life of the United Kingdom. The main section of this book presents the different animal species in a logical ...more

Our Price: 29.99

Buy Marine Fish & Invertebrates

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Shark! - True Stories and Lessons from the Deep

The First Treasure Divers

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Deeper into Diving 2nd Edition

Marine Fish & Invertebrates

Shipwrecks of the Cayman Islands - A diving guide to historic & modern shipwrecks

Port Royal - The Sunken City

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